Aug 17, 2012

FULL FORM & ABBREVIATION of Computer Related Words (E - H)


EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

EC: Error Check

ECC: Error Check and Correction

ECP: Enhanced Communication Port

ECU: EISA Configuration Utility

EDO: Extended Data Out RAM

EEPROM: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EGA: Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EIA: Electronic Industries Association

EIDE: Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics

EISA: Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture

EMI: Electro-Magnetic Interference

EMF: Electro-Magnetic Force

EMS: Expanded Memory Specification

EOF: End Of File

EOL: End Of Line

EPP: Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM: Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ESCD: Extended System Configuration Data

ESD: Electro-Static Discharge

ESDI: Enhanced Small Devices Interface

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

FAT: File Allocation Table

FCC: Federal Communications Commission

FDD: Fixed/Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI: Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDM: Frequency Division Multiplexing

FDX: Full-Duplex Transmission

FE: Front End

FEP: Front End Processor

FF: Form Feed

FIFO: First-In First-Out

FILO: First-In Last-Out

FM: Frequency Modulation

FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array

FPM: Fast Page Mode RAM

FPU: Floating Point Unit

FRC: Functional Redundancy Checking

FRU: Field-Replaceable Unit

FSF: Free Software Foundation

FSK: Frequency Shifty Keying

GUI – Graphical user interface

GAS: Gallium Arsenide

GFLOPS: Billions of Floating Point Operations Per Second

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

HD: High Density / Hard Disk

HDD: Hard Disk Drive

HDX: Half-Duplex Transmission

HFS: Hierarchical File System

HPFS: High Performance File System

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