Dec 10, 2012

Windows 8 Shortcuts keys

Windows 8 minimum system requirements-
Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz)
Hard disk space: 500 GB
Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

Windows 8 Demo mode product key-
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Windows 8 Mouse Movement-
Start: Put the cursor in the bottom left corner and left click the tile.
System Control: Right click in the bottom left corner will open menu to different system programs.
Quick Programs Swap: Put the cursor in the top left corner and left click the tile.
Close Live App: Click in the center of the app and drag it to the bottom of the screen.
Live App menu: Right click anywhere in the program.
Aero Peek: Put the cursor in the bottom right corner and wait for a second.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts Keys-
1. Windows key+I: Shows Settings pane to change an app's setting & access Notifications, Volume etc.
2. Windows key+C: Brings up the Charms bar. Charms include Settings, Start, Share, and Search.
3. Windows key+H: Shows the sharing pane. Apps can share their content via e-mail and social networks.
4. Windows key+X: Displays a power user menu including many common tools like run, Task Manager Etc.
5. Alt+F4: Close an app or go to the top of the screen to get a hand icon then click n drag the app to bottom.
6. Windows key+Q: Allow to search an app, file etc.
7. Windows key+D: Brings up your Desktop so that windows 8 can run all desktop applications.
8. Windows key +PrtScrn can take a snap of the screen at any time and store it in a screen Shots folder under Pictures.
9. Windows key+L: Locks your computer of Laptop when your are away  from your Computer.
10. Windows key+F: Quickly search files using touch, swipe from right, Type your search query and then search files.
11. Windows key+R: Brings up the faithful windows run windows.
12. Windows key+Enter: Brings up Narrator, a tool that verbally reads windows titles, buttons, and text.
13. Windows key+P: Brings up options for duplicating or connecting a display.
14. Windows key+Arrow key: Quickly snap an app to the arrow key directions.
15. Windows key+M: Quickly minimize all desktop applications.
16. Windows key+.(period key): Quickly snap an app to the side of the screen.
17. Windows key+U: Quickly start the Ease of Access Center.
18. Windows key+Z: Quickly bring up the app bar. The app bar allows access to additional features.
19. Windows key+,: Monentarily show the desktop for as long as you hold down windows key.

20. Windows key+Tab: Switch between apps. This is little different from the traditional Alt+Tab.

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